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160128 iKON's Debut Era Ends with Triple Crown at M!Countdown

[MPD Fancams]MPD Fancam

MPD Encore Fancam

[Crying Selca Photos Promised From Previous Win]Cry Selca promised from their last win

[Netizen Reaction]

[+1570, -210] IKON #1 really congrats!!!

[+1414, -198] Whoa triple ㅠㅠ absolute congrats ~ IKON ❤️

[+1336, -194] Congrats, Lets meet again quickly with the new album

[+1271, -190] Since January on MCD you’ve come out great ㅠㅠ

[+287, -27] Congrats ㅜㅜㅜㅜ #1 on the last broadcast…

[+275, -35] Today’s stage coordi just hit the jackpot!! No. 1 is too good for four months so lets celebrate a comeback. Let’s expect we’ll slowly go long ❤

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[ENG] 160114 iKON Debut in Japan and Welcome Back Album DVD

iKON Debut in Japan

The ended up #1 on their debut day with 51K sold and #3 for the week.

[Other Tweets of Congrats]

[Welcome Back Album DVD]
Behind the Stage

Live in Tokyo

iKON School

Part 1

WELCOME BACK JAPAN DVD - iKON SCHOOL [PART 1] 작성자 ikonintlofficial

iKON opening for Big Bang

Music Video Behind the Scenes

My Type


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