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160330 iKON Completes Promotion in Japan and Releases Japan exclusive song "Just Go"

Just Go (KOR Version)

Composed by: B.I, Uk Jin Kang, Seung Chun Ham
Lyrics by: B.I
Arranged: Uk Jin Kang

[JPN Versions of Just Go, Dumb and Dumber, Whats Wrong, I Miss You So Bad, and Anthem Choice 37 Remix]
Just Go (JPN Version)

Dumb and Dumber (JPN Version)

What's Wrong (JPN Version)

I Miss You So Bad (JPN Version)

Anthem (Choice 37 Remix)

Actually has an unreleased MV from when they went to LA. Here's a fancam of it in Japan

[iKON Documentary: Promo Days in Japan]iKON Documentary: Promo Days in Japan

[iKON MV Behind the Scenes]

Dumb and Dumber

What's Wrong

[iKON Showtime Tour in Japan BTS]




(Day 1 got pulled so only this is available to view without English sub)

[iKON School Part 2] You can watch part one again here

[iKON sell 120,000 albums of Welcome Back JP Version]

[Donghyuk and Jinhwan promoting iKONCERT in Hong Kong in English]

I'll include magazines in another post. One tidbit from an interview released yesterday is Hanbin didn't like a part of Rhythm Ta's melody and played it for June. June sang a suggestion and Hanbin liked it so that's how he ended up with the composition credit. The rest of iKON have all made songs and are taking composing classes. Their subbed Nico Nico interview was taken down so is not included. Let me know if you see it reuploaded. If anyone is in Taipei or Hong Kong I'll be there for iKONCERT so we should meet up LOL.
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