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iKON Completes Japan Arena Tour and Launches Asia portion of Global Tour

iKONCERT 2016 ‘SHOWTIME TOUR’ continues on April 22nd in Taipei Arena and May 7th in Asia World Expo Arena. So GET READY? SHOW TIME! Check out the tour page below for more information.

More tour info @ http://smarturl.it/iKON_SHOWTIMETOUR

Tour Dates :
Taipei - Taipei Arena (April 22)
Hong Kong - Asia World Expo Arena (May 7)

*More tour dates will be updated in the future

iKON has successfully rounded off their Japan arena tour that fascinated 146,000 fans…
[동아닷컴=장경국 기자] iKON has successfully rounded off their arena concert tour in Japan.

On March 15 at Osaka-jo Hall, iKON held the last concert of their first Japan arena concert tour “iKONCERT 2016 SHOWTIME TOUR IN JAPAN” which has drawn 146,000 fans to 14 concerts in five cities.

On the day, Osaka-jo Hall was filled with the heat and passion of 12,000 fans. The concert began with explosive acclamation by fans. The atmosphere got heated more and more with the performances of “DUMB&DUMBER”, “RHYTHM TA”, and “SINOSIJAK”.

B.I and BOBBY boasted their outstanding rapping in hip-hop performances, while also showing off their appeal as vocalists in the performances of tender ballad songs such as “APOLOGY”, “Wait for me”, and “AIRPLANE”.

iKON also presented special Japanese versions of “DUMB&DUMBER”, “WHAT’S WRONG?”, “Wait for me”, “I MISS YOU SO BAD”, and “ANTHEM”, to further electrify Japanese fans.

At the concert held in Osaka, fans had a surprise event for iKON members. Fans filled the audience seat with white light and the word “iKON” in red color was projected on the opposite side of the stage. Plus, fans sang a happy birthday song with the other members for BOBBY’s mother who was present at the concert, to make BOBBY shed tears of joy.

Fans’ enthusiastic support deeply moved iKON members. iKON shed tears when they sang “Climax”, the last song of the concert, and said, “It was a really happy tour concert, so we don’t want to finish it. This tour will be left in our memories for a very long time. We’ll do our best to keep growing as an artist, so please always be with us”.

After such success of their first Japan arena tour, iKON will now release “WELCOME BACK”’s full album in the country on the 30 this month. The album will include Japanese versions of “ANTHEM(remix)”, “DUMB&DUMBER”, “WHAT’S WRONG?”, “I MISS YOU SO BAD”, and “RHYTHM TA”. iKON made an eye-catching debut in Japan when their debut album took No.1 on Oricon’s daily chart upon its release on January 13. That is why many music fans are paying keen attention to what kind of record iKON will newly set with their new album.

2016. 3. 16.

With these two concerts arranged the current top 10, in no order, are Jakarta, Indonesia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Dallas, Texas, USA; Manilla, Phillipines; Paris, France; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Bangok, Thailand; New York, New York USA; Hanoi, Vietnam; and San Paolo, Brazil

I thought I was done after 8 iKONCERTs in Korea and Japan but I think I'm going to Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Source: YG 1 2 3 MMT 1 2
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