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small ikon primer for new fans c:


iKON is YG Entertainment's latest boy group, fresh off of two survival shows, and is comprised of 7 members. These members include B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Junhoe, Donghyuk and Chanwoo.

Despite having yet to debut, iKON has quite the catalogue of songs for a group consists of trainees. Thanks to WIN and Mix and Match, you have a stock of songs (the overwhelming majority being covers) to listen from to hear iKON's current level of talent and performance style, in addition getting a taste of iKON's compositions.



charisma b.i

  • Full Name: Kim Hanbin

  • Age: 18 (Western Age), 19 (Korean Age)

  • Birthday: October 22nd 1996

  • First introduced to the public as a featured rapper for MC Mong's "Indian Boy" at age 13

  • Has one younger sister named Hanbyul

  • Is the Co-Composer and Co-Lyricist of labelmate WINNER's debut song "Empty"

Singles From SMTM3:


the voice you want to hear late at night

  • Full Name: Kim Jinhwan

  • Age: 20 (Western Age), 21 (Korean Age)

  • Birthday: February 7th 1994

  • Is From Jeju Island

  • Has an older sister

the rapper with the wink

  • Full Name: Kim Jiwon

  • Age: 19 (Western Age), 20 (Korean Age)

  • Birthday: December 21st, 1995

  • Is from Virginia, USA, auditioned for YG in New York

  • Has an older brother

  • Was the winner of Mnet reality show "Show Me The Money 3," and one of GQ's 2014 Men of the Year

Singles from SMTM3:

ikon's self-proclaimed visual

  • Full Name: Song Yunhyeong

  • Age: 19 (Western Age), 20 (Korean Age)

  • Birthday: February 8th, 1995

  • Is from Gyeonggi Island

  • Has a younger sister

the attractive vocal

  • Full Name: Goo Junhoe

  • Age: 17 (Western Age), 18 (Korean Age)

  • Birthday: March 31st, 1997

  • Was on Star King as the young "Michael Jackson," as well K-Pop Star

the dethroned maknae and ikon's ace

  • Full Name: Kim Donghyuk

  • Age: 17 (Western Age), 18 (Korean Age)

  • Birthday: January 3rd, 1997

  • Won the 9th round of JYP Audition

  • Has a younger sister

the new maknae and your future fave

  • Full Name: Jung Chanwoo

  • Age: 16 (Western Age), 17 (Korean Age)

  • Birthday: January 26th, 1998

  • Is an only child

  • Starred as the younger versions of Lee Minho in "Faith" and "The Heirs"

  • Starred as mini Changmin in TVXQ's Balloons MV

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You can watch all the subbed Team B parts in WIN Epilogue here
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